Charles Miglierina

My name is Charles MIGLIERINA.  I was born in Caen (the largest city in former Lower Normandy) in 1991.

I was raised between the British and Canadian (Sword and Juno) sectors in a small town called Douvres-la-délivrande where a german radar station was located which was surrounded for 11 days after D-Day.

My interest in World War 2 started when I went to Omaha beach for the first time when I was 6 years old. I have been working as a tour guide for the past 5 years after studying History at the University of Caen.

My grandfather, Francis Coste, lived in Bayeux and was a history teacher. His father, Raymond, served in the French army, and joined the “27th squadron train” in 1922 and was demobilized in July 1940 just after the Battle of France.

Two of my ancestors took part in the first world war, both in colonial infantry regiments. Bonaventure VILAREM was killed on February 7th 1915 near Verdun, he was part of the 24th RIC and he was killed as his unit was trying to take back trenches that had been captured by the Germans.

Eugene VIE was part of the 4th RIC, he fought from 1914 to 1919 from Belgium to Macedonia. He survived the war and passed away in 1965.

My great grand-father ( the third from the left) with the members of his unity.