Rethro Lemieux

World War II is the central axis of the twentieth century, both in time and facts. The story of who we are. And Normandy is a window on history. Led by a « general interest in everything », it is no wonder I’ve developed such a personal interest in this part of History. Hitlerism, Stalinism, Spanish War, Propaganda; all are topics that attracted my attention through the decades.

Being born in Québec, Operation Overlord is an important part of your heritage. You’re reminded through connections with media, school, and the people who lived it, throughout your life. Thousands of our young men came here for their appointment with History.

All people bearing my family name in Québec, Lemieux, found their roots here in Normandy, in a little village called Canteloup. That’s where we come from. Twenty years in Normandy comes as no surprise. Douvres-la-Delivrande, two miles inland from Juno Beach, where people from my country landed, is where I live. It’s my window on history.

Living in Europe led me to a growing interest in Medieval History, never forgetting about the mighty 20th century. Years living in South-East Asia led me to a better comprehension of the after-war socio-political impacts.

Studying at University in communication psychology (California’s Pablo Alto school among others), and creative writing, helped me acquire the tools for what would be my path. Communication, radio hosting in Canada and Asia, writing and publishing, working on live performances and focusing on story telling ; I’ve always kept my faith in sharing knowledge. Here in France, studying in Paris in social work activities gave me even more tools for communicating with groups. I’ve always believed in passing on knowledge; the importance of it. History is first knowledge that has to be shared. History is knowing where you stand.

Circus travelling from a continent to another, teacher, school and youth centers director, radio host, always that “open door syndrom”: I see the light, and walk in.

Living in Normandy, you get to talk with the people who witnessed it all, who lived it. As guides here, through the years you get to meet veterans and their family members from all sides, all kind of people bringing their own little pieces of different puzzles, fitting in somehow somewhere. And ever gain perspective. Then you get the pleasure to share this passion.