Thomas Bernard

I was born in Normandy, in the city of Cherbourg in 1989. Originally, from Brittany, I spent my childhood near Rennes. When I was 25 years old, I returned to Normandy.

At the University of Rennes, I obtained two Master’s degrees in History and Archaeology. Working on several archaeological excavations, I organized many guided tours and participated actively in the creation of a museum in Brittany.

Two years ago, I decided to change my orientation and work in tourism. Having studied English and Spanish at University, I worked at the Memorial of Caen for one year and then joined the team of OverlordTour with the aim of sharing my knowledge about Normandy and especially the most important Allied operations: the Landings and the Battle of Normandy.

Very early, I developed a real passion for the Second World War thanks to the involvement of my family during the war.

I am particularly proud of my great grandfather, Captain Joseph Héleut who commanded the 33rd Company of the French army in 1940, and whose mission was to defend Rouen. He destroyed three bridges on the Seine, which prevented the progression of the most famous German officer Erwin Rommel. He wrote in his book:

 » I was extremely irritated by our failure because all the bridges of Rouen had been destroyed ».

Refusing the French surrender, my grandfather joined the resistance. He was killed on June 13th, 1944 during an aerial bombing.

Herbert Suerth Jr, an American veteran
My grand -father, Captain Joseph Héleut

At 15 years old, I was impressed by the movies « Saving Private Ryan » and « Band of Brothers ». I participated in the ceremonies of the 60th anniversary of the Landings and it was a real inspiration. Since then I participate every year in the ceremonies where I meet numerous American and British veterans.

For 5 years, I have been helping several American families to find where their relatives fought during the battle of Normandy. I regularly lay flowers on many graves in the American cemeteries of Colleville-sur-Mer (14) and Saint James (50) to pay tribute to these soldiers who died for the freedom and to never forget their sacrifice.

I also participate in numerous historical reenacting for documentaries that relate to the lives of the soldiers from « The Greatest Generation ».