Private Tours #8 – Specialized Tours

A personalized tour is a wonderful opportunity for any visitor to custom design their tour of the Invasion areas. With the help of our expertise and our knowledge of the many languages involved, we can assist you in customizing and pre-planning your personalized tour!
Our private tours can be booked all year round, unlike our group tours that only run from March to October.
“Tour #8” is only our internal code for a private tour. Its itinerary is not defined.
It can be based on one of our regular group tour or be customized to your interests.

A private tour is ideal if you wish to :

  • customize your tour and include sites that are not on our group tours.
  • plan a family holiday, with children and/or senior citizens. need the flexibility of hotel pick-up.
  • want to enjoy a more leisurely pace.
  • select timings that are more suitable to your holiday schedule.
  • enjoy your privacy and the exclusive use of our guide’s knowledge.
  • trace the exact footsteps of a relative who has participated in the D-Day events.
  • obtain from us, through research, in depth information about a unit or find a grave site/battlefield that you are unsure about.

A usual private tour runs from 8.30am with pick-up at your hotel in Bayeux or vicinity (further location can be priced accordingly) or a RDV point, such as a car park, if you are coming from another location by car.

It ends at 5.30/6pm and again, your guide would drop you at your chosen destination, as defined during your booking. Timings can be modified within these hours, to suit your plans.

You discuss and validate the feasibility of the itinerary with our booking administrator.

We allocate a guide who has expertise in the area of your choice.

We allocate car/booster seats for children.

Your Personalized Tour can be for a day or more, without any restriction of distance. Because of the flexibility in this tour, it would be impossible for us to list the number of possibilities in tour site combinations that await you.

Though our expertise lies on the D-Day sectors, on the beach or inland, in Normandy or the rest of Europe, we can still chauffeur you to other famous french touristic locations such as Mont Saint Michel, the Burgundy area, the Champagne area or even the Loire Valley, where you will find guiding services by registered guides. Our knowledge of France, its local customs, its unbeaten tracks, its most prominent touristic sites makes us a great choice to help in planning your French holiday. Submit your choice of itinerary and we will supply a customized quotation. Be mindful that our planning fills up quickly, therefore we encourage you to inquire early to avoid disappointment.


 These prices are for 1 day from 8.30am to 5.30/6pm, inclusive of 125 miles (200 kms)

This distance is equivalent to one of our regular group tour, namely a full day on one of the D-Day sectors.

Your personalized tour enables you to « mix and match », within these hours.
Our booking administrator will check feasibility in time and distance, during the booking process.
For any special itinerary we would be delighted to issue a customized quote to match your request.



1 to 4 people 520 Euros
5 to 8 people 580 Euros


Prices above are for the tour, not per person.

Even if you decide to shorten the time allocated for the tour the price would remain the same.

Our fees do not include your lunch, accommodation or entrance fees to museums if you choose to visit one.

Are included: all taxes and charges, 125 miles (200 kms) – Specific quotes will be sent outside this range.

…Pick you up…

…at the Rail Station, …at the Airport, …at the Harbour, …in Paris.