TOUR #1 Omaha – Half Day Tour

Half Day Tours depart from Place de Quebec, center of Bayeux, Normandy – Near the Tapestry

Tour # 1 is intended for visitors having only half a day to visit the landing areas at Omaha Beach.

AFTERNOON TOUR : ideal for those who are coming from Paris in the morning and wish to visit the medieval town of Bayeux before boarding a guided tour on the D-Day sites. To be enjoyed also for those, already in Bayeux, of course!

MORNING TOUR : perfect for those who have only a few hours left in Normandy before their holidays move on to another region or wish to spend their afternoon time discovering what the area has to offer.

This is a complete tour, giving you maximum information about the the Omaha sector, from Longues sur Mer to Pointe du Hoc in a four hour tour segment. When you choose this tour, you will undoubtedly understand why Omaha is such a mystical place in the Invasion landings, and will be remembered into eternity as “Bloody Omaha” on June 6th, 1944.

Beginning at the location of the “Longues sur Mer battery” located in the sector liberated by the British landing, this tour will take you from Longues sur Mer to the infamous Omaha Beach , and to Pointe du Hoc. The detailed story of what was the most deadly part of the liberation of Europe will be described to you in this historical tour, which will be supplemented with maps and pictures of the area.
From the German weapons strong hold of “WN 62” with it’s unmistakable view of Easy and Fox sectors on Omaha Beach, and the beach exit “D1” of Vierville sur Mer, we will take you back 60 years ago and relive the history again of our liberators.