TOUR #3 Omaha / Band of Brothers – Full Day Tour

RDV time and place are 8.20am Place de Québec, in the center of Bayeux. Therefore you can only join this tour if you are spending the night before in Bayeux or vicinity. If you are residing in Paris, please check our “Tours from Paris” section for more options.
This tour will take you to the main sites of the Omaha sector in the morning and then will follow the footsteps of the famous Band of Brothers in the afternoon. Since this tour is based on the heroic actions of “Easy Company”, highlighted in Stephen Ambrose’s book and later the TV mini-series, it is recommend to watch the DVD episodes 1 and 2 or read about its main participants before joining this tour. True fans will be delighted to be taken onto the sites where the action actually took place! This tour is interesting because it takes you both to the D-Day beachfront and inland airborne sector.

MORNING: Longues-sur-Mer Battery – Omaha Beach – American Cemetery of Colleville – Pointe du Hoc.
AFTERNOON: Sainte-Mère-Eglise – Sainte-Mère-Eglise Museum – Crash of the C47 # 66 at Beuzeville-au-Plain – Marmion’s farm – Brecourt Manor – Angoville-au-Plain – Drop Zone D – Carentan