TOUR #5 101st Airborne Tour – Full Day Tour

RDV time and place are 8.20am Place de Québec, in the center of Bayeux. Therefore you can only join this tour if you are spending the night before in Bayeux or vicinity.
Our 101st Airborne Tour is an exceptional tour, and will be of great interest to those who saw Steven Spielberg’s famous movie, – Band of Brothers. This tour will enable you to link the fictional movie locations with the real places of the paratroop landings onto Normandy. Many sites on this tour are inaccessible to most other tour companies, and remain secluded from entry. However, due to the generosity of various land owners, and our personal relationship with them, you will have the privilege of seeing places like Brecourt Manor, and many other places where Lt. Winters and members of Easy Company stayed during the first nights of the Invasion.

However, this Tour includes also many spots dedicated to the infamous Screaming Eagles. You will understand the mission assigned to this unit, who had to secure the causeways running to the beach and to assume the link with the Vth Corps coming from Omaha Beach.
This Tour is a special Tour for those of you who are fond of History and wish to discover strategy in deep learning.
Put on your Boots!

MORNING: Ambush crossroad – Meehan crash to Beuzeville au Plain – Marmion’s farm – WXYZ Les Mézières – Brécourt manor – Sainte-Marie-du-Mont – Colonel Sink crasy ride.
Lunch to Sainte-Mère-Eglise.
AFTERNOON: Château de Bel Enault – Basse Addeville – Hell’s Corner – Saint-Côme-du-Mont and Dead Man’s corner Museum – Purple Heart Lane – La Barquette Lock – Carentan – Brévands.