Sophie Haurogne

Originally from Brittany, I was born near Saint-Marcel, top place of the resistance in Brittany during the 2nd World War which served as a first dropping zone and quickly 2500 Resistance fighters arrived to set up actions to weaken the Germans, including a sensational battle, June 18, 1944.

I am 26 years old and as soon as I graduated in the tourism sector, I went to Canada and more recently to Australia to improve my English. Each month I travelled to different places, I soaked up the Anglo-Saxon way of life and met people from all over the world. These experiences have broadened my horizon and I wish to learn even more today: crafts, music, architecture…
In parallel to my travelling, I started my professional life in a luxury hotel as a receptionist and discovered the world of gastronomy and I discovered my passion for customer contact.
Recently, cultural tourism has opens its arms to me and I am very excited, having always had an interest in history. As a child, I spend much of my free time reading books from historical fiction to biography.
I am delighted to introduce to you the best sights in Normandy and make your time aboard the Red Ball Express a great experience.



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