TOUR # 2 OMAHA / UTAH Full Day Tour

Tour # 2 Omaha / Utah Full Day Tour expands and builds upon our Tour #1 to Omaha Beach, by a visit to Utah Beach. In one day's time, this tour will allow you to see and understand the attack strategy and manuvers of two key American Corps - the 5th Corps at Omaha, and the 7th Corps at Utah. Here, in this tour, you will visit many of the actual sites filmed and depicted in the famous American movie " The Longest Day " which was the first film about D-Day's Invasions. This tour will allow you to link the fictional places you have undoubtedly seen in the film, with the real life places in history. This is an unbelievable tour, and an experience of a lifetime.

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Tour 2 Omaha Utah Full Day Tour
American Cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer
Overlordtour Tour 1 Omaha Half Day Tour
Tour 2 Omaha Utah Full Day Tour
Tour 2 Omaha Utah Full Day Tour


Tour # 3 Omaha / Band of Brothers Full Day Tour is for those who have seen Steven Spielberg's famous films " Saving Private Ryan " and the " Band of Brothers. " This tour will take you to many of the main places depicted in these recent, but significant movies, that have revived so many memories and much interest in D-Day history. Once you experience these places in real life, you will never forget the heroic efforts of these liberators at these locations. Guaranteed emotion!

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Tour 4 British Canadian Full Day Tour. If you have a specialized interest in understanding the courageous efforts of the British and Canadian objectives in the early morning hours of D-Day, this tour is for you. Our guide for this tour has incredible, specialized knowledge of the activities of the British and Canadian units, and will take you onto important objectives as Pegasus Bridges and many others spots which had to be secured to allow landing forces at Gold, Juno and Sword to move inland. The tour includes stops at important cemeteries in the area, and concludes at the famous Arromanches Museum, dedicated by the French President René Coty on the 5th of June 1954.


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Tour 5 101st Airborne Full Day Tour For those of you who have a specific interest in an in depth understanding of the 101st Airborne's participation in the Invasion, this tour is for you! Our tour guide’s highly specialized knowledge of the American Forces’ activities on D-Day within this tour will intimately acquaint you with the activities and specific objectives of only inland bound paratroopers from the portion of the Allied Invasion. In this tour, you will learn about the formidable German defenses that faced the incoming landings of the American paratrooper forces, and will visit the sites of many key battles which opened the way for other waves of American troops onto Utah. You will visit such famous landing places as Carentan, several Drop Zones, Bloody Gulch, and you will follow the historic steps of the men in the "Band of Brothers "...the famous Easy Company of 506th PIR. You will not be disappointed with the specialized nature of this tour! Only Overlord offers the many features in this tour to you.

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Overlordtour Bradley's Tour 7
Overlordtour Bradley's Tour


Tour # 1 Omaha Half Day Tour is intended for visitors having only half day to visit the landing areas at Omaha Beach. This is a complete tour, giving you maximum information about Omaha Beach in a four hour tour segment. When you chose this tour, you will undoubtedly understand why this beach is such a mystical place in the Invasion landings, and will be remembered into eternity as " Bloody Omaha " on June 6th, 1944.

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TOUR # 6: NEPTUNE TOUR Two Days Tour

Tour 6 – Neptune Tour : Our Tour 6 is a two day tour. It is the most comprehensive tour that we offer which is designed to give you an overall understanding of the combined invasion efforts of the British, Canadian, and American Allied Forces, and shows how they were coordinated and interrelated with each other. This tour combines the interests of our clients in the highlights of the British/Canadian Sector Invasions, and the American Sector Invasions on D-Day.
Day 1 of this tour concentrates on the most significant locations and events within the British/Canadian Sector in the D-Day Invasion. In this tour, you will gain a valuable perspective and understanding of the courageous British and Canadian paratrooper activities on D-Day, in such places as Pegasus Bridge and other key paratrooper objectives. This tour then directs your attention to the British/Canadian landings at Sword, Juno, and Gold Beaches.
Day 2 of this tour takes you down the coast of Normandy, and concentrates on the D-Day Invasion objectives in the American Sector. This day is a highlights of 2, and 3 described above. During this day, you will develop an understanding of the American landings at such places as Omaha and Utah Beaches and Point du Hoc, and then the tour continues, and moves you inland to the American Cemetery at Coleville sur Mer. As well, the tour covers the inland invasion by the famous American paratrooper units of the 101st and 82nd Airborne, at such places as, Angoville au Plain, and St. Mere Eglise.
You will not be disappointed with this tour, and will walk away with an intimate understanding of the planning and coordination in combined efforts of the American, British, and Canadian Allied efforts on D-Day!

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TOUR # 7: BRADLEY'S TOUR Two Days Tour

Tour 7 - Bradley’s Tour This is a combination of our Tour # 2 (Omaha / Utah FDT) and Tour # 5 (101st Airborne FDT). Our Tour # 7 is intended for visitors having more time in Normandy for in-depth exploration and examination of the many Invasion sites. For those with a true passion for study and understanding of these areas, this Tour is the most specialized Tour about American forces in Normandy. We believe you will feel at times like you are part of the living history at these sites, and will walk away with memories and impressions that will last a lifetime for you.

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For those of you who arrive in Normandy by Cruise line... let us show you all of the key D-Day Battlefields, door to door, or rather dock to dock, from your cruise liner in the Ports of LeHavre, Cherbourg, and Honfleur!

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Tour 8 - Personalized Tour is a wonderful way for any visitor to custom design their tour of the Invasion areas. With the help of the expertise of OVERLORDTOUR, and our knowledge of the many languages involved, we will assist you in customizing and pre-planning your personalized tour! Our company will cater to your every need, from pick up at any of our airports and coastal harbors, to delivery at your hotel; you will be guided by our expertise. Your Personalized Tour can be for a day or more, without any restriction of distance. Round trip Day trips from Paris, are also possible, if you desire. We also cater to the handicapped, and they are invited to customize the length and extent of their tours as well, and adjust them to their physical capabilities. Because of the unlimited flexibility in this tour, it is not possible to raise an exhaustive list of sites to be visited -the sky is the limit! We are always at the disposal of our customers, and their limitless ideas of discoveries.

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The WWII Veterans do not pay Museums entrance fees and our Half Day Tours and Full Days Tours. They paid in 1944!

Overlordtour Personalized Tour 8
Overlordtour Tour 8
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Many of our clients ask us about the possibility of a Tour with us in Normandy, departing from their location in Paris.

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