Our fleet of vehicles is composed of 7 mini-vans seating up-to 8 people and a luxury Mercedes mini-bus seating up to 19 people. We aim to provide comfortable seating and our boots can fit additional luggage if your trip moves on to a next location on the evening of your tour.
Our spacious mini-bus is not a huge coach as you may see on the roads, all over France and Europe! It only seats up to 19 people. It is simply wider and longer than our regular mini-vans and offers lovely head room, a comfortable alley to circulate in and a superb elevated panoramic vision of your surroundings. It enables to sit comfortably with a bigger group whilst still enjoying the company of your own party. This mini-bus was purchased with the intent of avoiding disappointing people who otherwise would be told our tour is fully booked. It is used as and when requests are coming in and for the tour most popular on the day.
All our vehicles are air-conditioned. We cannot specify which vehicle will be allocated to your tour at the time of your booking.

We are taking any physical impairment into account: simply discuss this with our booking administrator. However we can only accommodate foldable wheelchairs on private tours. We cannot unfortunately cater for non walking passengers who need to remain in their wheelchair.

Absolutely! Bayeux is a charming, truly historic, French town, with much in the way of its medieval infrastructure intact. Bayeux is also the point of departure for all of our guided tours. The hotels are comfortable with many French restaurants offering the best of French cuisine. While you are in Bayeux, you can travel around the town easily on foot, and see such sights as our 11th Century Cathedral, and the famous Tapestry of Normandy in one of our local museums.

Please check all the necessary details on Summarized details of all tours.

Unfortunately, no, unless you have booked a private tour with a special schedule that you have worked out with Overlordtour in advance. Out of respect to all of our clients on our tours, we cannot accommodate special pick-ups at individualized hotels. However, if you need assistance in your arrival at our appointed place of departure, we will be glad to assist you with means to get to the point of our departure, if possible. The Place du Quebec is very easily accessible from most locations by a short, enjoyable walk.

Bayeux is easily accessible from Paris by train in a little over two hours travel time. The earliest train leaves from Paris Saint Lazare at 7.07am and arrives in Bayeux at 9.27am, on working days and later at the week-ends.
CHECK www.voyages-sncf.com.
Driving to Bayeux (from Calais/Paris) means following signs to Caen, then follow signs to Cherbourg. Bayeux is on the 3 exits Nr 36/37/38 off the N13 (Express way): be mindful for tolls and speeding limits everywhere.
Do check your options if you are residing in Paris in the “Tours from Paris” section. For all other tours, we recommend that you arrive the day or evening before your tour, and take in the truly wonderful sights of Bayeux!

Our personalized tours offer us tremendous flexibility in your departure pick up locations. Do see check all the options available on a private tour. Other private tour, such as « Tour from cruise port #9 » or « Tour from Paris #10 » will equally offer more flexibility for pick-up. Check each page for details.

ABSOLUTELY! With our Tour 2FS which runs from Monday to Friday. Pick-up is at the Bayeux train station. Check the page for further details. However if you decide to drive yourself to Bayeux, be mindful that driving time is more than 3 hours therefore it would be a long journey for very few hours on the D-Day sites: half-day Tour 1 AFTERNOON might be the best option for you. Check the details.

Of course, and we would be happy to provide transportation support to you to wherever you wish to go on any times that we are not conducting our daily tour obligations to our other clients.

Yes! Absolutely! We encourage you to take in the many sights of the richness of our culture and Norman countryside. Consider, if you will, the “Cite de la Mer” in Cherbourg, or the “Cite Gallo-Romaine in Vieux-la-Romaine (a bell factory in Villedieu-les-Poeles, or perhaps the famous and celebrated “Mont-Saint-Michel”. How could you go wrong?

Our expert knowledge of Normandy will provide you with the best options in terms of quality and price. Just let us know your budgetary needs in terms of time and finances, and we will help you tailor an extended trip in beautiful Normandy. Or, click on our many site-links to get some basic information on your own for places to stay, dine, and visit. If we can help you further in this regard, please let us know and we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Reservations for your tour are secured with any major credit card in your country. We simply ask that you fill out our request form, and we will respond within maximum 24 hours (March-October) and maximum 48 hours (November-February) with a complete quote and booking procedure. Go to “Info and Reservations”. More complex inquiries will take more time to answer. Your credit card will be charged for the full amount at the time of booking. Please also read Question 14 for our “Cancellation and No-Show policy”

It is always recommended to purchase travel insurance and to check clauses for compensation in case of late cancellation and no-show which would incur a charge from us.
By providing your credit card details, it is understood that you have read and agreed to our cancellation policy, indicated in our proposal and booking confirmation stating that we will use said details to charge your card in case of:

– All cancellations
There will be a 6% cancellation fee for all cancellations.

– late cancellation:
50% of our fee will be charged if notice falls under 14 days before the tour (eg: notice given after Friday 4th but before Friday 11th for Friday 18th, date of the tour).
100% of our fee will be charged if notice falls under 7 days before the tour (eg: notice given after Friday 11th for Friday 18th, date of the tour).
Please note that the “Notice date” is the date on which we receive this notice so be aware of time difference between countries.

– « no-show »: 100% of our fee will be charged for no-show as laid out below:
For group tours: if you do not present yourself on time for the beginning of the tour. Our tours are tightly scheduled and it would be unfair to rush the rest of the group, so please be mindful of walking or driving distances to RDV point. Allow yourself plenty of time to drive, park and then walk to us when necessary.
For private tours: if you are not there on the day of your booking. The actual start time however can be flexible provided it is on the same day of your booking. Return time would remain the same. Our fee would equally remain the same, even if the time spent on the tour is consequently reduced due to your tardiness.

– If we charge you for late cancellation or “no-show”, we will send you an explanatory email that you can present to your travel insurance for compensation. People subscribe travel insurance for these very cases: it is essential to check your policy prior travelling.

Would anything happen that incur a late cancellation or tardiness we urge you to contact us immediately +33 789 00 28 41

Tips in France are not included in the tour fees. We appreciate tips- and believe they are an expression of appreciation for what we hope to be an optimum tour guiding experience for you. We hope that our hard work on your behalf will lead you to consideration of a tip for our guides.

Being a local, truly French tour company, Overlordtour thinks you will find our knowledge of the local French cuisine is excellent, both in terms of value and pleasing fares to accommodate a variety of client’s interests. We stop everyday at one of many places available, and you will be afforded ample time to enjoy lunch in the French countryside. Unfortunately, we do not allow food or beverages, other than water, in our vans to offer our clients the cleanest, and most comfortable transportation environments. However, if you have a special dietary or medical need, and are required to bring food with you, we will certainly try to work with your needs!
Guides are permitted to eat with you upon your invitation. »

Dress is dependant upon the season of your tour. Weather patterns are easily determined from many weather sites on the internet. We recommend in all seasons though that you bring an umbrella and/or rain coat just in case. It’s a good idea to take good, sturdy, and comfortable shoes as well since we will be doing a bit of walking on varied terrains. Be prepared to experience and explore foxholes!… Trenches!.. Bunkers! And the actual terrain of the Invasion!! Dress appropriately, and carpe diem!!

Wonderful Question!!! Overlordtour carries all appropriate insurances, diplomas, and licenses required by the French government to operate an “official” tour company. Many “cheap guides” work “under the table” with their fees and rates. Also, many non-French guide companies are not officially sanctioned by the appropriate French governmental authorities, and do not adhere to the legal requirements of operating a government licensed and approved tour company. Can you imagine having your tour interrupted by an arrest of your tour guide for non-compliance with the appropriate French regulations?
Why risk a touring disaster? Go with Overlordtour- a trusted, fully licensed and sanctioned French tour company. For more feed-back from our very many satisfied customers go on Tripadvisor and Rick Steves.

Unfortunately no. For the sake of respect to our other tour clients, please be sure to being batteries, film, water, cash for paying the guiding fees before you get on the tour transport.

Overlordtour believes that all WWII Veterans have already paid the ultimate price- and therefore we offer our tours at no charge to ANY veteran of this conflict. We believe out of respect, gratitude, and humility that this is the least that we, the French ancestors of this conflict, can do for the ultimate sacrifice they paid for our freedom, and the freedom of the world from Nazi tyranny. We hope that this small gesture of gratitude is expressive, in a larger, demonstrative sense, of our gratitude for what was done for all of us, by so few.

We understand that you might be recommended a guide by a friend or relative who have already enjoyed one of our tours but we cannot guarantee this would be your guide at the time of your booking.

Yes, parents are entitled to a fabulous holiday too! Be mindful though that we only apply a discount under the age of 4 as we feel older children can enjoy the benefits of the history lesson (tanks, canons, beaches, fields … are appealing to all children!). This discount will be confirmed at the time of the booking, so be specific about the age of your children.
We aim to provide a car / booster seat but recommend you bring your own on the tour if you can, as they are allocated on a “first come, first serve” basis and it is not legal for a child under 8 to travel without one.

We cannot take responsibility for property left on our vehicles. If you realize quickly that you have left something of value (sentimental or financial), we will aim to return it to you before you move out of Bayeux. However in the case where you realize it too late and have already left Bayeux, we can offer to return it to you by post/courier service back to your country of origin, postage due. We regret that we have to apply this stringent policy but we unfortunately sent items in the past, trusting people to refund us and we were not.

Actually, though we are not permitted to recommend one, we are happy to recommend several, see our « links » section.

Yes, we offer tours 365 days a year – we open tours depending on demand hence the necessity to check our availability in Information and Reservations.

Please note that we are not responsible for any travel delays or cancellations you may experience. This includes public transport delays or cancellations due to weather, incidents, strikes….

Alain Chesnel Owner of Overlordtour