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Red Ball Express is a transport company that provides a daily service between Bayeux and Paris return.



Your trip will take place aboard a luxury coach. A hostess guide will be at your service.


Our vehicles are equipped with toilets, Tv/video and Wifi.


Our professionalism is guaranteed since RBE is sister company of the famous Overlordtour company.


So, once in Bayeux you can take a guided tour of the D-Day Landing beaches, or visit the famous site of the Mont Saint Michel.


On your way to Bayeux from Paris we will make a sightseeing stop at the House of the Impressionist painter Monet in Giverny. Your guide will take you through the gardens where she will talk you though the history of the place. Then you will visit the Monet’s house.


Your stop at Giverny will last about two hours, drinks and snacks (not included in our fee) will be available during this stop.





You want to get transport to Normandy?


You want to do a guided tour of the landing beaches as your main objective...

You want a guide to assist you throughout your journey to and in Normandy?


You want a professional hostess/guide at your service during the trip?


You want a company that can help you make your trip of the D-Day sites in the best conditions and for the best price?


You do not want to have to deal with public transport strikes or delays or incidents on the track!

You do not want to make an online booking with an incomprehensible website...

Red Ball Express assists you 7 days a week.



Red ball Express’s logistics team always at your service! Safe Transport is the mission of the Red Ball Express.

Red Ball Express takes you to the D-Day historic sites in comfort.

Our company helps you organise your D-Day Tour.

A Luxury coach will collect you in Paris and Bayeux to drop you off at your destination. Our shuttle Bayeux - Paris - Bayeux is at your service every day.


As in 1944 the Red Ball Express ‘unit made trust the road !! Take RBE and stay on the road!!!

Red Ball express saved the troops in supplying them.




After the breakout of Normandy in July 1944, an acute shortage of supplies on both fronts governed all operations.  Some 28 divisions were advancing across France and Belgium, each ordinarily requiring 700-750 tons a day.  Patton’s 3rd Army was soon grinding to a halt from lack of fuel and ordnance. The key to pursuit was a continuous supply of fuel and ordnance, thus leading to the Red Ball Express.



The Red Ball Express was conceived in a 36-hour brain-storming session.  It lasted only 3 months from August to November, 1944, but without it, the campaign in the European Theater could have dragged on for years...



THE Staff

The Red Ball Express Company offers a quality service to ensure your daily transport from Paris to Normandy.

An experienced team of professionals is at your service every day to ensure your journey to the landing beaches.

Transport to the D-Day sites can only be achieved with competent people guaranteeing you an easy service.

The Paris - Bayeux Shuttle is the Red Ball Express!!


In 1944, the Red Ball Express linked Normandy to Paris. Today, with its daily transport Paris- Normandy, the Red Ball Express takes you to the Sight Seeing Tours in Normandy.

With the progression of the front to the east, the Red Ball Express helped save the Battle of the Bulge. Today the Red Ball Express takes you to the Ardennes Battlefields with its One Week Tours.


special tours


In France, passenger transport is an extremely regulated profession. Only confirmed professionals can guarantee your security and your comfort.

Red Ball Express offers a most pleasurable way to travel to the Normandy sites...



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   sister company to overlordtour

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