Antoine Muriel

Born in Caen at the end of the 70’s, I grew up in the little village of Creully.

A condensed summary of Normandy if not French history: from the establishment of the Vikings, the rise of William the Conqueror, the 100 years’ War, Colbert etc… up to D-DAY!

Located 5 miles from the coast and at the border between the Gold and Juno sector, it is where the first BBC relay of Free France was set up and where General Montgomery established his headquarters for the first weeks of the invasion. What a treat for a kid fascinated by History!

My parents always supported this passion and I literally spent my early childhood playing in WWII bunkers, climbing on the many tanks left here and there and visiting every museum in the area.

Getting older, I started to understand the importance of remembrance, and tried to get my grand-parents to tell me as much as possible of their stories during war time. Both my grand-fathers fought in the French Army and while one was a P.O.W. in Germany, the other was forced through STO to participate in the fortifications of the Atlantic Wall. Their testimonies, though scarce and given reluctantly more often than not were always emotional and they deeply marked me.

I was so much enthralled by it that in 1994, I presented a research piece on the actions of the French Resistance in the area to an academic competition that earned me first place and a seat in the official tribunes of the commemoration celebrations in Arromanches.

Finishing high-school in Bayeux, I then went on to prep school in Cherbourg, then Metz, then completed several degrees in Rennes. By then I had chosen to become an educator and though my majors were Literature and Languages, I never gave up on History.

Early 2000s I crossed the Channel and completed a Post Graduate degree in Education at Cardiff University, specializing in Modern Foreign Languages. I have since taught in several countries, mostly secondary students in International Schools. My last posting was in Fiji where I stayed almost 10 years, settled, got married and became a proud dad.

Coming back home for family reasons in 2018, my old passion reignited instantly and I soon got involved in D-Day Tours, until the Co-Vid crisis. I was very happy to join Overlord last year and I am looking forward to being your guide on your D-Day journey.

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