Remy Boutry

After around 20 years working in the finance industry, mostly as a broker, as I turned 40, I was eager to change my career, to have a more meaningful job and to feel more useful.

I have lived in Normandy for 10 years, just a stone’s throw from Gold and Juno landing beaches. Every year I have attended the commemorations of D-Day. It is so moving to experience these ceremonies held across Normandy and pay tribute to the achievements and sacrifices of those who fought here in 1944.

My wife’s grandfather lived in Paris during WWII. We often speak about his recollections. I am really honoured when he relates his stories to me: the thundering of the Allied bombers; the tinfoil strips (called ‘windows’) that he picked up from his balcony, oblivious at the time, that these weird strips were intended to scramble the German radar systems. The liberation of Paris: when the Allied soldiers, entering the city, received a warm welcome from the inhabitants. The crowd was so enthusiastic, everyone was hugging and kissing, it was a huge moment!

Now, as a tour guide, I’m so proud to be able to share these stories and those of all the Heroes who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and made History. It is our duty to remember, our duty to never forget.

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