Terms and Conditions of Sale


It is always recommended to purchase travel insurance and to check clauses for compensation in case of late cancellation and no-show which would incur a charge from us.
By providing your credit card details, it is understood that you have read and agreed to our cancellation policy, indicated in our proposal and booking confirmation stating that we will use said details to charge your card in case of:


We will use your card details in case of:

– late cancellation:
50% of our fee will be charged if notice falls under 14 days before the tour (eg: notice given after Friday 4th but before Friday 11th for Friday 18th, date of the tour). 
100% of our fee will be charged if notice falls under 7 days before the tour (eg: notice given after Friday 11th for Friday 18th, date of the tour).
Please note that the “Notice date” is the date on which we receive this notice so be aware of time difference between countries. 

– “no-show”: 100% of our fee will be charged for no-show as laid out below:
For group tours: if you do not present yourself on time for the beginning of the tour. Our tours are tightly scheduled and it would be unfair to rush the rest of the group, so please be mindful of walking or driving distances to RDV point. Allow yourself plenty of time to drive, park and then walk to us when necessary.
For private tours: if you are not there on the day of your booking. The actual start time however can be flexible provided it is on the same day of your booking. Return time would remain the same. Our fee would equally remain the same, even if the time spent on the tour is consequently reduced due to your tardiness.

– If we charge you for late cancellation or “no-show”, we will send you an explanatory email that you can present to your travel insurance for compensation. People subscribe travel insurance for these very cases: it is essential to check your policy prior travelling.

Would anything happen that incur a late cancellation or tardiness we urge you to contact us immediately +33 789 00 28 41

Cancellation for the whole tour made more than 14 days before the date of the tour will not incur any charge.

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